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    Reasons Why We LOVE Phoenix

    Over the past several years, Phoenix has had a huge growth spurt.  According to Forbes, a business-friendly environment, plentiful job opportunities and affordable cost of living have pushed Phoenix to the top of the list of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. With economic growth coming from the financial and business services, health care and manufacturing corporations relocating (often their entire headquarters), along with our beautiful weather, it’s no wonder why our real estate market has taken off.

    All of the above reasons are enough to make anyone consider relocating to Phoenix, but we often get asked what it’s really like to live in the valley of the sun.  With outdoor dining and entertainment nearly year round, beautiful weather, backyard pools, is it like we’re on a permanent vacation?   Not always, but here are some of the best reasons why the Lucido Group Phoenix office love our city so much:

    Sunshine 95% of the year

    According to, the amount of sunshine in Phoenix is excellent all year round: the sky is almost always clear, and with 3,870 sunshine hours per year, it is one of the sunniest cities in the world. We always pack sunblock, but enjoy a good rain shower.

    Great nearby hiking & outdoors. 

    For outdoor enthusiasts, Phoenix is a mecca for hiking. With nearly 200 trails within the Metro area, there are hikes for novices to expert climbers.  All within a short drive of home.

    Amazing sunsets.

    The Phoenix Suns basketball team colors are purple and orange for a reason.  The dry, high-level storm systems with clouds at 20,000 to 30,000 feet allow for an incredible sunset experience of bright orange, red, purple, blue and even pink.

    Enjoying winter storms in my shorts and t-shirt … from 1,000 miles away. 

    Did we mention our weather?  While Flagstaff and other cold-weather mountain towns are a short few hours drive north, our winter weather in Phoenix is mild.  While winter nights do drop into the 30s-40s, daytime temperatures in the 70s-80s are warm enough to make outdoor activities such as golf and hiking enjoyable.

    If you’re looking to relocate to or within the Phoenix metro area, contact our experienced team for market information or with real estate questions.  We know the ins and outs of the Phoenix area, and we are happy to share. 

    Contact us today for any of your real estate needs. 

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